Apostolic Foundations in Shire, Ethiopia

Sep 19, 2012
Shire, Ethiopia

At the beginning of 2011, God spoke to me about Isaiah 11:11…how He would again lift His hand a second time to recover His people from Assyria, from Lower Egypt, etc.

Immediately after receiving this word from the Lord, the governments of Northern Africa (Tunisia, Egypt) and others began to fall supernaturally, many remain in a position of transition.

Assyria is the area that encompasses Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia, areas that The Blessing Place has been called to support and establish ministry centers in.

We currently have 4 Ethiopian missionaries in the villages near the towns of Shire and Axum, and ministry leaders in Shire and Axum. Our desire is to have a missionary in every village in that part of Northern Africa.

Shire’s name literally is “Place of Trinity” and Axum is the home to St Mary’s Church of the Ethiopian Coptic Church which has possession of the Ark of the Covenent (Ex 25:10) and part of the cross that Jesus was crucified on.

After my first trip there in 2009, I realized the logistical issues with being able to provide a steady source of tangible aid to our friends and their ministries in the area without an established center. The cost of purchasing land seemed impossible for our ministry to do at the time so it just became a prayer issue. Land in the city was too expensive, so we started to look at outlaying areas.


Things that are impossible with man are possible with God. I just received a report from our leaders in Shire, that land has been purchased and the foundation has been laid for the apostolic center in Shire in the CENTER OF THE CITY!

The good news is the young leaders, Pastors Temesghen, Pastor Tesfu, Pastor Hagos, and Pastor Agazi will no longer have to meet on land owned by local Muslims and live with the continual threat of being evicted.

It will also give us a central location where we can show God’s love through meeting the needs of the least of these in that part of North Africa.

Our vision to the building is .
1 – Church for worship.
2 – Bible School to prepare ministers .
3 – Guest house.
4 – Kindergarten thru grade school for kids Christian and orphans

This center also gives us access to the refugee camps in Shimelba and Mayani (about 50,000 refugees) which has two church’s with affiliated pastors fleeing Eritrea. We usually bring the refugee camp pastors to our meetings when we are in the area and send them back with as many local language Bibles as we can.

The average wage in the area is less than $20 per month. The cost to support a pastor, his family and establish a village church is less that $80 dollars a month.

Help us continue to be part of God’s extended hand to North Africa by sowing into the ministry there or consider coming with us on our next trip in the Spring of 2012. To support this ministry expansion into Shire, Ethiopia please visit theblessingplace.org/donate and add a note regarding this project in the comments / notes section of your donation.

There is a reason the Ark has been there for almost a 1000 years and I believe we are called to be part of what God has planned for Northern Africa.

Bless you,

Pastor Tony

Pastor Tony

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