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welcome to the blessing place

A Place Where God Manifests His Power

The Blessing Place is a church for people without any church background. The generationally unchurched of the inner city do not flock to mainstream church ministry. They are, however, drawn to a place where God manifests His power. And God has established The Blessing Place for them, to confront them with Power they can’t ignore, to rescue them out of darkness and into His wonderful light.

Much as Jesus said “you give them to eat,” The Blessing Place ministers to physical needs as well:

  • Clothing Giveaway Outreach (Every 2nd Saturday 12-2 pm)
  • Pizza, Worship and Wings Outreach


Wilmington, Delaware

Service Times

Sundays – 11:00am

Contact Info

221 N Jackson St Wilmington, DE 19805

Phone: (302) 450-3568

Email: Tony@TheBlessingPlace.org

Service Times

Sundays – 11:00am

Contact Info

Email: Tony@TheBlessingPlace.org

Pastor Tony McCleave

As a ministry the Blessing Place has been around since 2005, however the true roots of the ministry go back to 1994 when Pastor Tony McCleave was miraculously and supernaturally touched by God in a way that would leave him totally changed for the rest of his life. 


Chronic Shoulder Pain Healed

When Rob Hotchkin visited the church, I received prayer for my shoulder, which had chronic pain for several weeks that would not heal on its own- a problem that has occurred before. After receiving prayer from Rob, my pain was totally gone and has not returned. Praise God! I also have to thank Tony and the Blessing Place crew for providing an environment of real grace where all seeds grow. Thank you for your efforts!

Legs Grow Out In The Glory

Prayed for a woman as one of her legs was a quarter of an inch shorter than the other. As we gave the command the leg grew but the opposite leg began to grow as well. So we prayed and they both grew out equal length and she was an inch taller when we stopped. Praise Jesus!!! Well that’s not all as she had major pain in her knees and hip and Jesus healed her from it all. Glory!

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